Red Dot Mounts: Trijicon RMR, DeltaPoint, Fastfire, Vortex


Our red dot mounts utilize the existing rear sight dovetail or rear assembly of your pistol or revolver. We are Trijicon’s custom shop for the Trijicon RMR mounts, as well as Burris for the Burris Fastfire, we also make red dot mounts for the Leupold DeltaPoints, Vortex Optics, and more. A majority of our fixed rear sight red dot mounts are $140. The red dot mounts are also available for most adjustable pistols and revolvers as well with the price starting at $160. We have started making red dot mounts for Rifles and Shotguns and do have some weaver style mounts already made. We do slide mounting of red dots as well, but only a few models can currently accept the milling of the slide. We also offer the ability to co-witness sights with your red dot, the sights can be plain black or have tritium the possibilities are endless with what we can do. We do ask that you send in the slide/frame, barrel, and red dot you want to use that way we can make sure there is enough adjustment in the sight once it is installed. We will then boresight it before it gets shipped back to you so its ready to go. We make most red dot mounts custom to each individual gun so you know you will have a nice perfect fit so feel free to call us at (248) 343-4854 or Email us at if you have any questions.


Colt with RMR

Colt with RMR

Adjustable FN 5.7 with RMR Kimber with RMR CZ with RMR

STI With RMR mounted H&K USP RMR Mount 2014-05-14 14.54.08 2014-03-06 16.24.08

IMAG0954 Walther PPQ RMR 20150323_082505 20140821_105654

Sig with milled in RMR HK co-witness HK co-witness RMR HK co-witnessed Milled RMR

Ruger Blackhawk DeltaPoint Ruger Blackhawk DeltaPoint DeltaPoint Sig HK P30 with DeltaPoint

FastFire on HK FastFire on Ruger Sig 1911 with FastFire Springfield 1911 with FastFire