Magazine Articles

Our sights have been featured in the July/August 2012 issue of American Handgunner. Click the link to check it out.  Amerigun Sights in American Handgunner Our work was also featured in the June 2011 issue of Swat Magazine. Clink the link to check it out Amerigun USA SWAT Magazine

Custom Scope Mounts

Our scope mounts are custom made to fit your firearm. We would only need your slide/frame and the scope you wanted to use to make you your very own scope mount. In most cases we can incorporate the mount so you will still be able to use your existing sights. If you have any questions […]

Suppressor Sights

We now are now offering Suppressor sights. If you have a firearm that you want a suppressor on, or already have one, and you can’t use the sights, contact us and we will make a set to accommodate your suppressor. They will be available in both standard and Amerigun notch sights. You can get the […]